Back to the Easel

Hi! Not much of a blogger am I? Recently joined Twitter and all the social medias of the day…its quite inspiring to connect to strangers, even if most remain so. Finally after several years of creative block i started painting again. the 12 hours a day kind! It feels great to get reacquainted with my Back to the Easel

Artist Student teacher

I am embarking on a new adventure (going back to school to someday become an art teacher). This is my second semester, but studying part-time seems to be occupying me full time. I have to find time in my head for a job (ie, to pay the bills). There is so much available online that Artist Student teacher

stepping inwards and outwards

Ever since the job loss, I have had encounters with people I see almost every other day. The difference this time, I think, is my frame of mind. I have made a tough decision that I no longer want to live in a surviving mode, making ends meet. This is just me, but I think stepping inwards and outwards

weathering the changes

Hello As is frequent in this day and age, being in the midst of the corporate world, with its uncertainties and ups and downs, I found out I was without a job…again. The previous time, I had several months of reflection but ultimately decided to get back into this line of work but only if weathering the changes

Rediscovering my painter

Painting or rather having inspiration to get started to paint is very difficult. I have been absent from my easel and distant from my paintbrushes for far too long. They are calling me. The reason I have been so distant is that I have been struggling with health issues for some time now and usually Rediscovering my painter