Scotland Trip: Part 9

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Sunday, September 6th, (Edinburgh)

Today, we continu to walk around Old Town to the tail end of the Royal Mile and since its not raining, decide to go for a little hike on Holyrood Park to Arthur’s Seat. We managed to grab some great photos. Once on top though, it got pretty windy and little drizzle coming down so you guessed, we didn’t linger too much. On the way back the Royal mile we saw a parade, kilts and horses.

We headed for a bite to eat at Henderson’s, my new favourite vegetarian place. I have to say, I’m not really vegetarian, but I find that most places that cater to vegetarians and vegans, tend to have more food that I can handle or at least these places are usually more friendly to people with food allergies/sensitivities. Check out their spot if you ever go to Edinburgh. I think they also have music or poetry nights.

We then grabbed our suitcases and bags and took the bus to Glasgow in late afternoon. Quite a short ride it was. We arrived at the youth hostel, checked in, then out next door for a little dinner. It was getting dark but I decided to go for a little stroll. I walked one block, then two, turned a corner and boom, smack in front of a fox, staring at me with a “duh! whatcha doing here?”. Lets say I got a bit scared (its not something I’m used to seeing in a city, raccoons, yes, but not a fox) so I said a quick shy Hellooo! and gently turned around. Luckily, the hostel guide says they are pretty much an occurrence here but harmless. Good to know but did not want to tempt faith a second time.

Enjoy the photos!

Scotland Trip 09 – Part 9: More more Edinburgh

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