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Saturday, September 5th, (Braemar Highland Games)

Today I am off with my cousin, to see the Braemar Highland Games. When in Scotland, this was one event I really should see, at least once.
We are up early to catch our bus tour, luckily just around the corner from our hostel.
Our guide also introduces us to Scottish music. We listened to the “Red Hot Chilli Pipers”, “Dougie MacLean” and I fall in love with his song ‘Caledonia’. so here is one CD I will buy before leaving!

We met the Queen and Prince Charles.

ok, not really. We saw them drive by in their car to go see the games. I was also surprised that there were little kids, boys and girls, playing bagpipes. I imagine they must have lungs of steel or something. It was just nice to see young and old playing together and bridging the generation gap through music.

The games were actually a bit hard to follow, something was going on in every parts of the field that you focused here and there. We were also lucky, this nice couple, gave us their tickets to sit closer to the field. I think those tickets were 20 quid each, (like 40$), quite a lot for a few hours. But then again, I would pay that and probably more to see my favourite band!

Dancers, jumpers, tug of war, tree pole throwing by big guys (not sure how you actually call it!) as well as runners going around and around the field. It was like a mini olympics. and of courses we got an eye and ear full of kilts! and bagpipes yeah!

Enjoy the pictures!

Scotland Trip 09 – Part 8: Braemar Highland Games

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