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September 2, 2009 (Back In Edinburgh)

Ah! but you say, “what happened between August 22, where I left off my my previous journal and now?…well… I had a mini vacation within my vacation. Soaking up the sun and beach in the south of France… Journals and photos of that trip here!

On sunday the 23rd, we checked out of our nice apartment in Edinburgh, stopped in Livingston for shopping. I haven’t seen a more humongous shopping mall. Actually it was a mall attached to mall, attached to another mall and so on. Anyhow, I had to buy a new bigger suitcase, and thanks to Cheryl, found a nice Bench jacket, the ones where the sleeves are long and a hole for your thumb. You can check it out at Bench . I just love it!

Then, we finally drove off to Manchester. The next morning, quite early I should say, and huge thank yous for Chris for driving me to the airport to catch my flight to Nice.

Now back to Scotland…

Today, I am now on my own, having left my wonderful travel buddies, Chris and Cheryl in Manchester.

And also more energized after relaxing by the beach for a week I am up to continue on…

Coming back to Edinburgh was like coming back home but staying in a hostel reminds me that I am still traveling and living out of a suitcase.

I spent a few days walking around the city, taking more pictures now that the rain had finally subsided a bit.
I found another great Turkish restaurant. ( I seem to be drawn to this cuisine more than others. Probably because there are more items on the menus that I can eat other than my fave baked potatoes!)
My very lucky cousin Cath is working in Glasgow for a school term and I am glad to reconnect with her while traveling. She meets me here so we can spend the weekend exploring together… (you can check out her blog here: cathfleur)

We enjoyed the nice dramatic sky of dusk in Edinburgh, grab more photos and retire to our hostel for an early night in as we are off bright and early tomorrow for a more traditional Scottish adventure…

Stay tuned!

Scotland Trip 09 – Part 7: More of Edinburgh to enjoy!

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