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Friday, August 21, 2009 (St Andrews)

Today we are venturing to the east coast of Fife to St Andrews, home of Golf! (unfortunately I don’t play it). We parked a bit away from the town centre, since parking was very difficult to find and we wanted to get closer to the Cathedral. But this allowed us the pleasure of walking along the beach.

We strolled around and enjoyed the architecture as usual, and as we walked into town we noticed a much larger population of retirees than any other towns we visited. We could see why as it is simply beautiful and very relaxing place. I love it here!

We walked passed the school of St Andrews (the oldest in Scotland was founded in 1413) and I daydreamed what it would be like to study here. Just a little. Also being here during lunch time, the main streets were packed full of students it really did feel like Hogwarts!

We walked passed St-Andrews castle, and as it is situated on a cliff-top, the scenery begged to be photographed, so we obliged. There was also a wedding that day in the castle ruin. What an enchanting setting!

We then visit St Andrew’s Cathedral. There was a gallery section where we could see some old Pictish designs in stone. I am mesmerized by the intricate carvings. We also saw the St Andrews Sarcophagus.

We then climbed the St Rules Church tower to see the magnificent views around us.

Here is another link to check out: St Andrew’s Cathedral.

excerpt from Historic Scotland website:

St Rule’s Tower

St Rule’s Church, with its 33m tower, was probably built around 1130 as the first place of worship for the newly-arrived Augustinian canons. This Continental priestly order supplanted the Culdees, a Celtic monastic order that had been present on the site for centuries. The lofty tower may have been a beacon for pilgrims heading for the shrine of St Andrew.

In the evening, we returned to Edinburgh and went to see Andrew Maxwell, a very funny comic from Ireland.

Here are some photos of our day trip to St-Andrews

Scotland Trip 09 – Part 5: St-Andrews

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