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Wednesday, August 19, 2009 (Edinburgh)

We woke up a bit later in our Portobello apartment and went for a walk around Royal Mile in the afternoon.
We stopped in “The Elephant House“. the birthplace of Harry Potter (the books), I could definitely picture JK Rowling writing here, as it has the right ambiance for creativity. The teas and food was also very good.
When I wanted to rest for a bit during my trip in Edinburgh, this is usually the first place that I would go to.

Our little traveling trio also went for a guided tour of the Edinburgh castle, It was a short tour as some areas were closed off for the military tattoo, but I guess, when in Edinburgh, one must visit the castle!
We also visited the Tartan Weaving Mill and exhibition to see tartans being made. lots of them!
They even had a photo op where you and or your family can dress up in period clothes and get a souvenir photo. It was nice to see but we decided to pass.
The rest of the day was spent just hanging out and enjoying the Fringe street performers and live music.

We picked up some evening tickets for the Fringe Festival for the week and went to see a great comedy improv show tonight.
It was a small very crowded space. Before the show, the improv troupe passed around some fringe festival programs to the audience. We selected shows that looked fun, by ripping the pages of the program and handing them in. Then the list was gathered in a bowl and each improv sketch was taking the title of one show and recreating it. The troupe was amazingly creative, talented and hilarious. I don’t think I laughed so hard in such a long time

Here are some photos of Edinburgh:

Scotland Trip 09 – Part 3: Edinburgh

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