Scotland Trip: Part 14

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Last days in Scotland

I returned to Edinburgh for a few days on my own, soaking up of the places and my experiences as much as I could since I knew my trip was coming to an end!

I visit Calton Hill, The Meadows, went to see a comedy show with my new friend Andrea, (we laughed so hard and bits we could not understand at all but we laughed anyway and also met some really nice guys hosting the show).
I also went back to more familiar places around the city.

Scotland feels like home to me and I will definitely go back.

Reluctantly, I took my flight back to Toronto filled with the hauntingly beautiful landscapes, architecture, charming, friendly folks and a wee dram of whisky etched in my mind! (yes, I had to have a taste!)

I hope you enjoyed my travel diary and photos and I hope in some way this allowed me to take you along my journey and that it also gives you a little taste of Scotland!

Scotland Trip 09 – Part 14: Last Days in Edinburgh

See? this IS the last entry. I can be trusted to tell the truth…but…if you want to do it all over again, go back to Scotland Trip 2009 and relive the adventure again and again and again… I know I will 🙂

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