Scotland Trip: Part 11

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September 8-9 (Oban, Isle of Mull, Iona, Staffa)

While in Glasgow, I decided I wanted to take a few day trips outside the city. I was a bit lost as to where I wanted to go, possibly back in the Highlands or south to Burns country.
I spent some time in the tourist bureau flipping through pamphlets and spontaneously picked an area and town then grabbed a bus ticket to Oban. This is also one area that I did not research before leaving Canada so everything about it was literally a new adventure.

As soon as I got out of the 3 hour bus ride here and stepped onto the pavement in Oban, I fell in love, well that may be a strong word but really felt at home, this is a very beautiful town and recommend it, also as they say it is the “Gateway to the isles”. I was originally going to stay one night here and the following nights in a small town on Mull, but people here said its best to stay here and just take day trips to the isles. I found a small tours office and booked a couple of day trips.

I walked around town, it is pretty windy, well it’s really not pretty, just bloody windy and cold. But that won’t put a damper on my happy mood. I am hungry so I stop at a really nice seafood restaurant. I chat up with some locals wondering where I am from and what brought me here, especially eating in a restaurant by myself and a town I know no one. I must say, it feels quite liberating to be on my own here. I am then invited for drinks later on by my new found friends. People are very charming here!

The photos below are from my first half day in Oban and my full day on isle of Mull, Iona and Staffa.


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Scotland Trip 09 – Part 11: Oban, Mull, Staffa, Iona

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