Scotland Trip: Part 6

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Saturday, August 22, 2009 (Rosslyn Chapel) Today, we are off to Roslin, to visit Rosslyn Chapel. A little about it: Rosslyn chapel’s construction began in 1446 and even today evokes wonder and curiosity with its intricate design and extravagance stoneworks. It has a very rich history and I much enjoyed Scotland Trip: Part 6

Scotland Trip: Part 5

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Friday, August 21, 2009 (St Andrews) Today we are venturing to the east coast of Fife to St Andrews, home of Golf! (unfortunately I don’t play it). We parked a bit away from the town centre, since parking was very difficult to find and we wanted to get closer to Scotland Trip: Part 5

Scotland Trip: Part 4

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Thursday, August 20, 2009 (Stirling) Today we decided for a day trip to Stirling. On our way, we stopped at a charming little town called Culross and took several photos. It was raining but figured if we didn’t go out because of the rain, our trip would be spent in Scotland Trip: Part 4

Scotland Trip: Part 3

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Wednesday, August 19, 2009 (Edinburgh) We woke up a bit later in our Portobello apartment and went for a walk around Royal Mile in the afternoon. We stopped in “The Elephant House“. the birthplace of Harry Potter (the books), I could definitely picture JK Rowling writing here, as it has Scotland Trip: Part 3

Scotland Trip: Part 1 & 2

“My trip to Scotland” Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Since this is the beginning of my trip and covers several days, this journal entry is rather long, but the following ones will not be so. Wednesday, August 12, 2009 (Departure!) I arrived at the airport and glad I had a wonderful friend to send me Scotland Trip: Part 1 & 2

Scotland Trip 2009

Hello! I thought I should give you a little back story of my trip and itinerary. Scotland has been in my mind as a travel destination for a few years now, mainly that I was inspired artistically by her landscape! (I heard people refer to Scotland as a ‘she’, so there you go!) I decided, Scotland Trip 2009

Waldorf Salad

[print_link] Found this yummy salad from the Big Carrot. it is dairy/gluten free. Mix the following: apples celery walnuts mayonnaise (spectrum is a good one) honey lemon sea salt pepper you can add chicken as well, use as a salad or in a sandwich.

stepping inwards and outwards

Ever since the job loss, I have had encounters with people I see almost every other day. The difference this time, I think, is my frame of mind. I have made a tough decision that I no longer want to live in a surviving mode, making ends meet. This is just me, but I think stepping inwards and outwards

weathering the changes

Hello As is frequent in this day and age, being in the midst of the corporate world, with its uncertainties and ups and downs, I found out I was without a job…again. The previous time, I had several months of reflection but ultimately decided to get back into this line of work but only if weathering the changes

Squash & Spinach

[print_link] Butternut Squash Coconut milk spinach fresh ginger onions olive oil sea salt

Recettes de Ricardo

[print_link] Recettes du livre de Ricardo. — Confiture de fraises au sirop d’érable express 750 ml (3 tasses) de fraises fraiches, coupées en quartiers ouu surgelés (ou framboises, ou bleuets,) 250 ml (1 tasse) de sirop d’érable Dans une casserole, porter à ébullition, les fraises et sirop d’érable. Cuire à feu moyen environ 15 minutes Recettes de Ricardo