Mural for Green Alley

Mother Earth's caretakers

Mural created Sept / Oct. 2021 for the green alley “Ruelle à Flavie” in the Verdun borough of Montreal.

This lifeless wall ...

Became this colourful eye-catching mural !

The mural was created with the aim of embellishing our Green Alley, as well as promoting our environment.

It represents the interdependence between everything in nature by the superimposed elements; the flower, the tree, the earth and its element within the universe. The hand is the delicate touch and love of humanity respecting this link and its role as the caretaker of our environment

Green Alley mural
Mural and Painting

Being in the local newspaper was also very gratifying!

Video created by Geoffrey Darwent. Artist friends who graciously volunteered their time to help me with the mural; Ellie Rahimi, Tatiana Humenhuk and Founder and Curator of the “Group of 5” Geoffrey Darwent, as well as the help of the many friends, family and neighbours who helped make the mural possible.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos !