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Not much of a blogger am I? Recently joined Twitter and all the social medias of the day…its quite inspiring to connect to strangers, even if most remain so.

Finally after several years of creative block i started painting again. the 12 hours a day kind! It feels great to get reacquainted with my paints and brushes. All it took was re-arranging my art studio a bit and going through old photos i took for inspiration.

Its amazing how any little thing or moment can kickstart an art project. Discovering new artists or revisiting old ones. Discovered new music bands, events in the city, browsing through my travelling blog and pictures.

I realized that living vicariously through others and their experiences can take you so far, then you have to stop, breathe, and start living your own. Reconnecting with my passions is what it’s all about. What makes you happy, what makes you laugh and smile, what makes you want to jump up and down like a kid, what makes your heart sing. I am blessed to have a wonderful day job that I love with amazing colleagues. What was missing was taking care of my other half. The artist within.

Travels are coming up for me so hopefully will have more adventures to journal about and photograph.


A few Quotes from ihatequotes:

Wherever you are, know that you are there for a reason. Bloom where you’re planted.

Trust in yourself, have trust in your dreams & goals. You can achieve them if you continue to believe in them & keep trying to achieve them.

Never let your past experiences harm your future. Your past can’t be altered and your future doesn’t deserve the punishment.

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