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Some of my favourite go-to sites when I need recipe inspiration ! A la di Stasio Ricardo Cheap Ethnic Eatz Chocolate and Zucchini Food Network Canada Recettes du Québec the ‘Yum’ blog For special or restricted diets: Gluten Free Goddess Eating Well My Gluten Free Kitchen blog

Back to the Easel

Hi! Not much of a blogger am I? Recently joined Twitter and all the social medias of the day…its quite inspiring to connect to strangers, even if most remain so. Finally after several years of creative block i started painting again. the 12 hours a day kind! It feels great to get reacquainted with my Back to the Easel

Artist Student teacher

I am embarking on a new adventure (going back to school to someday become an art teacher). This is my second semester, but studying part-time seems to be occupying me full time. I have to find time in my head for a job (ie, to pay the bills). There is so much available online that Artist Student teacher

Côte d’Azur 2009

August 25 – Sept.1 While in Scotland, my wonderful friend Emma, invited me for a one week vacation to the south of France, in la Côte d’Azur. It was quite a contrast, weather and culture wise from Scotland. It did take me a couple of days to get acclimated to this new environment, ie. swimsuit Côte d’Azur 2009

Scotland Trip: Part 14

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Last days in Scotland I returned to Edinburgh for a few days on my own, soaking up of the places and my experiences as much as I could since I knew my trip was coming to an end! I visit Calton Hill, The Meadows, went to see a comedy show Scotland Trip: Part 14

Scotland Trip: Part 13

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 September 11 (More of Oban) Today is my last day in Oban so I decide to milk it for all I can. Spending more time here since I was on Mull most of the time. It’s now time to get more acquainted with this charming town on foot. But I Scotland Trip: Part 13

Scotland Trip: Part 12

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 September 10 (Oban, Isle of Mull) Today I am taking it a bit easy, as far as boat riding goes, so I trade in the boat for a bus tour of Mull. I feel quite out of place though, where the crowd is mostly silver haired. Charming folks regardless, it Scotland Trip: Part 12

Scotland Trip: Part 11

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 September 8-9 (Oban, Isle of Mull, Iona, Staffa) While in Glasgow, I decided I wanted to take a few day trips outside the city. I was a bit lost as to where I wanted to go, possibly back in the Highlands or south to Burns country. I spent some time in Scotland Trip: Part 11

Scotland Trip: Part 10

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Monday September 7, 2009 (Glasgow), Sept 12, 13 Today, we decide to check out downtown Glasgow. We are on Buchanan street, the shopping haven of Glasgow. I couldn’t resist getting a few scottish CDs. Check out Dougie Maclean‘s site and Caledonia song. While we’re speaking of music, here are more Scotland Trip: Part 10

Scotland Trip: Part 9

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Sunday, September 6th, (Edinburgh) Today, we continu to walk around Old Town to the tail end of the Royal Mile and since its not raining, decide to go for a little hike on Holyrood Park to Arthur’s Seat. We managed to grab some great photos. Once on top though, it Scotland Trip: Part 9

Scotland Trip: Part 8

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 Saturday, September 5th, (Braemar Highland Games) Today I am off with my cousin, to see the Braemar Highland Games. When in Scotland, this was one event I really should see, at least once. We are up early to catch our bus tour, luckily just around the corner from our hostel. Scotland Trip: Part 8

Scotland Trip: Part 7

Back to Scotland Trip 2009 September 2, 2009 (Back In Edinburgh) Ah! but you say, “what happened between August 22, where I left off my my previous journal and now?…well… I had a mini vacation within my vacation. Soaking up the sun and beach in the south of France… Journals and photos of that trip Scotland Trip: Part 7